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A woman in an orange t-shirt is holding a microphone and singing. In the background is a large group of women wearing bright, vibrant colours.


This website intends to provide a home for all Wicklow choirs, not only to help them to promote their work, events and achievements, but also to recruit new members and support a countywide choral network.

EVERYONE has the potential to enjoy singing across the lifespan – from infancy to retirement age and beyond – and to benefit from the well-evidenced life-enhancing impacts that come from singing in a group.

Collective singing is one of the most positive forms of human activity, contributing to our physical, mental, emotional and social health.  Singing builds self-confidence, promotes self-esteem, engages emotion, strengthens social inclusion, encourages social skill development, and enables people of different ages and abilities to come together to create something special. Collective singing in a choir, small group, or larger community gathering generates a positive group identity, contributes to everyone’s physical and emotional well-being – and can be great fun!  

Thanks to Creative Ireland support in 2018, Wicklow Arts Office decided to explore the mechanisms for supporting the development of choral music in the county. Following a comprehensive consultation process which involved 18 choirs of varying ages and genres undertaken by specialist Katherine Zeserson (UK), the Choral Activation Strategy was published in 2019.

The key priorities of the Choral Activation Strategy include the creation of a countywide choral network, the advancement of choral music practitioners and singers, and the development of this website, launched in early 2023.

So get involved in a local choir here and join the voices Singing In Wicklow!


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